Will DREAMers Crowd U.S.-Born Millennials Out of Jobs?

Report Author: 
Jeanne Batalova & Michael Fix
Original Date of Publication: 
December, 2017

This "commentary" piece challenges the argument that legislation to regularize the status of DREAMers will adversely affect the job prospects of U.S.-born millennials.  The authors bring forth three main arguments to support their position. First, DREAMers represent a very small share of the overall millennial population nation-wide (about 1 percent); second, DREAMers tend to be concentrated in states like California, Texas, Illinois, New York, and Florida. These states account for just 33 percent of Black and 28 percent of White millennials. Finally, DACA holders show different occupational patterns than other millennials, thereby minimizing the potential for job competition. For example, DACA recipients were more likely than millennials overall to work in hospitality (23 percent versus 16 percent) and construction (11 percent versus 6 percent). The authors conclude that the argument of widespread labor market competition between DREAMers and the U.S.-born is a weak one. (Diversity Dynamics)

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Will DREAMers Crowd U.S.-Born Millennials Out of Jobs?


Batalova, J., & Fix, M. (2017). Will DREAMers Crowd U.S.-Born Millennials Out of Jobs? (Commentary) (p. 4). Washington, D.C.: Migration Policy Institute. Retrieved from https://www.migrationpolicy.org/news/will-dreamers-crowd-us-born-millennials-out-jobs

Source Organization: 
Migration Policy Institute