Career Pathways in Nursing: Using Your Foreign Education in the United States

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World Education Services
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December, 2017

Designed for foreign-trained nurses interested in reestablishing their careers in a new country, this guide provides practical advice on how to traverse the career landscape in the United States. After reviewing the requirements for licensure as a nurse in the United States, including procedures for credential evaluation and options for supplemental education, the guide also suggests the possibility of alternate careers in healthcare, either as a stepping-stone into nursing later on or as a permanent career choice. The guide emphasizes that foreign-trained nurses often have transferrable skills, which would enable them to work in a wide-range of positions both within the larger field of healthcare (e.g. healthcare interpreters, medical transcriptionists, pharmacy technicians, etc.) or outside the field (e.g. medical sales representatives, community health workers, health insurance claims specialists, etc.).  The publication also includes a list of online resources that may be useful to foreign-trained immigrants. WES has also published a companion guide for nurses settling in Canada. (Diversity Dynamics)

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Career Pathways in Nursing: Using Your Foreign Education in the United States. (2017). New York, NY: World Education Services. Retrieved from

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